How Often Should You Replace Your Screen protector?

When you’ve chipped an edge, and it’s sharp
They’re liable to chip since they don’t sit flush with the sides of your phone.
It only takes a few bumps and drops before the corners start chipping. It’s not the screen protectors fault, they’re made of glass.
It’s just what glass does when it gets bumped.
Best practice is to remove them once this starts happening so that you don’t accidentally nick yourself when you’re pulling your phone out of your pocket.
If you’re the person who takes immaculate care of your phone, chips probably don’t happen very often.
But if you drop your phone like everyone else, chances are, you’ll have a few nicks before a few weeks.

When the scratches become unbearable

Even gorilla glass is vulnerable to some of the things we find in our pockets.
XDA developers took a stab at solving this problem and found that while most things won’t scratch gorilla glass, sand actually can.
So if you live near a beach, or get dirt in your pocket, chances are your screen is getting scratched up.
Once the screen protector gets too annoying to look at… It’s time to replace it. Depending on how dirty your pockets are, is how often you’ll have to replace your screen protector.

If it survived a fall great! No need to replace it, but if it cracked…

If the screen protector cracked from a fall, it’s pretty much done. It won’t protect your screen the way it used to.
Let’s face it, they’re just glass, and they’re really only good for one fall. Even gorilla glass, while denser and more resistant to scratches, is actually more brittle than regular glass.
Besides, gorillas have never been very good at making glass anyways.
If you’re someone who drops their phone a lot, chances are your screen protector has saved you a few times.
But if you drop your phone once a month, those screen protectors can get expensive fast!

Bottom line they’ll need to be replaced about every 4 weeks.

Not only do they take a beating but they also get dirty, really dirty.
Chances are you don’t clean your phone. Don’t worry, most people don’t. Several surveys from the University of Arizona found more than 70% of people don’t wash their phone’s regularly.
And we take them everywhere! And we touch them ALL the time!
Plus the study also revealed that about 40% of us use our phones in the bathroom.
That, along with never washing it is a recipe for bacteria. A few studies also show that the average cell phone is 3x as dirty as a public toilet!  Gross!
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