What is a “Refurbished” Product?
“Refurbished” merchandise includes any product that was originally purchased and returned by a consumer. There are a variety of reasons why the product may have been returned: sometimes, the item may have not been functioning properly. In other cases, the box may have been damaged during shipping, the company may have removed the product from the shelves due to excess inventory, or in some instances, it may be an electronic device or accessory that is at the end of its life cycle (i.e., about to be discontinued).
However, the majority of products are returned or exchanged because they were the wrong color, size or incompatible with other devices. In other words, nothing was technically ‘wrong’ with the merchandise – it simply didn’t meet the consumer’s needs from either a cosmetic standpoint, or there was a compatibility issue with their preexisting electronics. Regardless of the scenario, returned items are customarily sent back to the original manufacturer, a third-party refurbishment company or A4C’s own in-house restoration centers where they are restored to like-new condition.
Our refurbished electronics and merchandise include:

  • iPads
  • Blu-ray / DVD players
  • Tablets
  • Memory
  • Cases
  • Bluetooth Headsets
  • eReaders
Tested, Refurbished and Reinspected: Our Refurbishing Process at A4C
A4C stands behind all of our merchandise, including our refurbished products. No matter what the reason was for its return, our expert team has systematically inspected every refurbished item that comes into our warehouse. A series of steps are entailed during the inspection process, including troubleshooting to diagnose the problem, followed by any needed repair to restore the product as close to its original state as possible. Once the merchandise has been restored, techs then grade it cosmetically (A, B, C etc.) to inform the consumer of its appearance. All of the refurbished items sold at A4C are either Grade A or B refurbished merchandise unless otherwise specified, and have been repaired and reinspected to ensure they operate and perform as good as new, and are as cosmetically close to their original appearance as possible.
Carefully Inspected and Guaranteed: Refurbished Merchandise You Can Trust Our skilled technicians carefully test and inspect each of refurbished electronics and accessories to ensure the highest level of quality, savings, convenience and customer satisfaction possible. What’s more, we offer the same warrantee for our refurbished merchandise as we do for our new products – we are so certain that you will be pleased with your purchase that we provide our “Risk-Free, Just Because” policy to guarantee your experience with A4C is a positive one, each and every time you shop with us.
Shop Refurbished at A4C: Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed
In addition to substantial savings, buying refurbished merchandise still offers the same great benefits that we offer for all of our products: your 100% complete Customer Satisfaction. We are so confident that you’ll be pleased with your purchase that we stand behind our entire line of refurbished electronics and merchandise. If you are not absolutely satisfied with your purchase, we offer our “Risk-Free, Just Because” Return Policy, which allows our customers to return any items purchased from A4C within the last 30 days for a full refund.
Why Buy Refurbished Electronics: The Cost-Effective Benefits
At A4C, we believe in providing the most competitive prices online for your cellphone accessory and consumer electronic needs. However, we realize that buying new can present costs that simply don’t fit everyone’s budget. With our line of refurbished electronics, you will find an extensive line of name-brand products that provide you with quality merchandise and save you money, all while offering our regular Return Policy.
Whether you’re shopping for tablets, GPS devices, cellular phone covers, or Bluetooth headsets, we carry a full range of fully refurbished products from well-known brands including Motorola, Apple, Asus, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, LG, and more.
Go Green, Save Green: Buy Refurbished Electronics at A4C.com
Buying refurbished doesn’t just save you green – when you shop refurbished/restored merchandise at A4C, you’re actually making an environmentally responsible purchase. Many times, we receive refunds and returned items that have nothing wrong with them, or simply require minimal cosmetic repairs/restoration. As a result, choosing to buy refurbished benefits both you and our planet – you’re not only saving money, but are helping to reduce the waste created by the unnecessary disposal of otherwise functional merchandise.
Shop at A4C.com today.

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