Holding off Meeting Madness (For March and Beyond)

If my alma mater Villanova is a testament to anything, it is my love of college basketball. So naturally, when March rolls around, I’m completely psyched to be in front of the TV watching elite teams – and a few Cinderella contenders – battle it out on the court. However, as much as I love on-court action, if I’m not careful with my time, something I like to call “meeting madness” can take hold.
Thankfully, I’m pretty savvy at using WebEx tools to coordinate priorities so I can still cheer on my team and accomplish my work goals. Here are a few WebEx playbook strategies you can use as a guide to do the same.
First Quarter – Put Together a Team
Whether you’re in pursuit of an on-court victory or a business win, the right team mix makes all of the difference.
When colleges scout new players, they visit a vast amount of schools to discover talent that aligns with their team’s needs. When the time comes to recruit new talent for your work team, use WebEx’s videoconferencing tools to connect with remote work candidates around the world with an abundance of diverse backgrounds that enrich your team. All without the hassles of travel.
Second Quarter – Have a Game Plan
In basketball, you don’t make it to the championship without a game plan. And for a successful meeting to happen, everyone must be able to share in the game plan for whatever wins you’re after.
WebEx’s screen sharing provides everyone on your team an opportunity to share resources and keep up with what’s going on, all in real-time. Which is especially important if any parts of your game plan changes and there’s no time to chase down files, for example.  The white-boarding feature is also definitely handy for sketching out big plays or ideas as well.
Third Quarter – Gain Speed and Agility
When projects are on strict deadlines or when team members are working outside of the office, WebEx provides the competitive and flexible work options.
If you need to hit the ground running with a brainstorm or when need to bring everyone together for a must-attend meeting, the WebEx WebApp instantly allows access to a video conference via web browser no matter where you are, giving your team some maneuverability to aim for success before that final business buzzer hits.
Fourth Quarter – Workin’ the Court
Now that you know a bit more about the mobile meeting tools available to you, it’s up to you and your team to execute and get in the game and strategically use them to foster growth and engagement for your business.
So how do you use technology to balance out work obligations and your personal time? Share what works for you, with the hashtag #DefeatMeetingMadness.
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