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With over five years of experience matching apartment seekers to apartments, we aim to provide a necessary service making it quick, cheap and easy to find an ideal place to live. We do not limit our services and deal with both landlords looking to rent their properties as well as tenants looking for a place to live.
Our search function incorporates all the necessary information such as address, location, and zip code, allowing you to narrow your search. We update our databases constantly, so you are always guaranteed of the most up-to-date listings for the area. We have listings that suit anyone, and even allow you to search amenities such as if the place has a doorman or if it’s pet-friendly. Our search function gives you all you ever wanted from an apartment search engine without all the stuff you don’t need.
We represent hundreds of apartment providers around the country, enabling us to match you with listings from virtually anywhere. You won’t have to be limited by geographic area anymore when searching for a new house or apartment to rent. We believe in giving you all the information you require to come to an educated decision. We have made thousands of links between landlords and tenants on No-broker-fees apartments and No-fee rentals.
We believe in providing the highest level of service to our customers. We do the legwork, so you don’t have to. Try us out today and see what makes us better than any other apartment rental listing business in the country.

  •      One site does it all! Access listings from dozens of rental databases. View thousands of listings not on free rental websites. Find your new home, condo or apartment quickly and efficiently.
  •      Save money by accessing all listings at a single site. Quickly zero in on the best choices for you and easily weed out listings that don’t meet your needs.
  •      Instantly connect with landlords or realtors to get your application in, get approved, and start your move. No third parties. No runaround.
  •      Don’t delay. Start looking today. We guarantee your success or your money back.

You can find out more about Featured Rentals today.

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