Let’s face it, the most important brand asset of your business is your logo.
It goes everywhere: your website, business cards, product, and even your car. It’s probably the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of your brand, and rightly so.
Even if you’re doing just a little bit of marketing, then I’m guessing you’re already using video, one way or another; whether as explainer videos, tutorials, testimonials or short video ads, I’m pretty sure they all probably contain your logo at the beginning or end.
We’re here to discuss how you can spice up your future and even existing video content with an animated version of your logo. Besides that, we’ll go over what other cool stuff you can do with the animated logo once you have it.

So, what is an animated logo?

Whether displayed as an animated GIF or created using CSS & SVG, an animated logo is the result of static elements coming to life, being animated in an engaging way that results in presenting a logo. This animation is often spiced up by sound effects and subtle music which makes it a more dynamic way to start or end a video.

animated logo example
harmonics animated logo

6 Reasons you need an animated logo

  1. Original/Unique – Let’s face it, many logos are similar or nondescript as the design is subject to trends and sometimes even subject to specific elements within an industry. We sometimes see very similar logos, even of competitors (sometimes on purpose even!)
    Adding motion to your logo brings that unique flavor as you can really go wild with the elements that lead to showcasing your logo. Such elements and movements create the unique, original feeling to your logo.
  2. Higher brand awareness – Video is engaging, there’s no need to convince you here, right? Because of that, animated logos are usually more memorable, especially when the animation is cool and engaging. Know those looped gifs you keep staring at? Now think they’re your logo.
  3. Great first impression AKA – Professionalism – People tend to refer to animated logos and intros to the big players, so the overall perception of having a well-animated logo is a very positive one, so if you have it, you’re definitely in good company (literally!)
    storytelling animated logo
  4. Storytelling – is everywhere – Your brand has a story, your logo has a story. That story, or part of it, can be facilitated into an animated logo that will tell it in an engaging, fun way.
    Storytelling - Animated Logo
  5. Consistency – As a business, you probably created a few different videos in the past, whether these were made by yourself or by a professional, it’s always recommended to make these videos feel consistent. Having an animated logo as an intro and outro definitely makes your videos feel more consistent in building that brand image throughout.
  6. Value for money – Piggybacking on the consistency note above, the good thing about an animated logo is the fact that it’s a one-time investment. you can use this animated logo in so many ways that it’s probably one of the most value-for-money types of digital assets that you can buy.

Where can I use an animated logo?

  1. Videos – We already discussed that, but animated logos are the perfect intros and outros for your videos
  2. Apps & Websites – We all know these visually addicting beautiful loaders and UI elements that we see when we use apps, websites and online products in general. These animated loops are another type of animated logos and are a very popular asset for web designers.
    Google animated logo
  3. Social networks – Gifs and looped videos are a great asset to share on social. It definitely helps with brand recognition and the fact these videos/gifs are super short, makes them a perfect fit for all sorts of social networks.
  4. Screensavers – Many companies are using animated logos and videos in general as screensavers in the company’s computers and screens, this could be a great way to increase that brand awareness among the random people that visit your office and even your employees.
  5. Email signature – Recently, we’re seeing more and more companies using an animated logo gif at the bottom of their email signature. Seeing a moving image at the end of an email really stands out and drives attention to your brand.

Animated logo formats – Get your format right!

  • MP4 – One of the most common video file formats, this is the format you’ll need in order to use the animated logo/intro for your videos and Instagram posts. Also, this format should work as a screen saver if needed. Using a video format such as MP4 will also enable using sound effects and music while the other formats won’t.
  • GIF/APNG– These are the most popular image formats (GIF being the most popular) that display motion. Useful for social networks, banner ads, and presentations. The good thing about GIFs is the fact that in most cases it will automatically play. Important to note though, that gifs won’t play any sounds, while video formats – will.
  • CSS/SVG – Vector based graphics and even pure CSS are the best formats for animated UI elements, so if you’d like to use your animated logo/element in your product, make sure you work with someone who can actually create such formats. One of the main advantages with these formats is the fact that they are resolution-independent, which is very important for online products, so no matter what size the screen is, it will always be crisp and sharp.

How to get an animated logo on Fiverr?

Getting your animated logo/intro on Fiverr is pretty easy, so we’ll explain it in a few simple steps

  1. Go to the Intros & Animated logos subcategory on Fiverr.
  2. Filter the Gigs according to what you’re looking for (if you’re not sure, you can skip that part), note that you can switch on the PRO toggle in order to see our vetted animators, first.
  3. Now that you can see the Gigs that fit your budget and specific needs, you can hit “Play” and watch the different samples of the sellers offering their services.
  4. Saw a seller you like? Go to his Gig and order the gig or start chatting about your need. Please note that each seller might have different requirements, most of them will need you to send them your logo so they can animate it, while some sellers might also offer logo design, as well.

Start ordering your first gig at Fiverr today.

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