A Day-Timer is more than just an organizer. It’s more than where you keep your plans and schedule. Your Day-Timer can hold everything! It keeps track of your plans and schedule.  It could be holding your friend’s addresses in the back. It could even hold personal things like login information – since it seems like every website has a login. And the reason your Day-Timer has all this in it? Because you take it everywhere! It’s an extension of you.
Does anyone ever want to know why you love your Day-Timer? It is because it can be as customized as you want it to be. With options like two pages per day, one page per day, weekly, and monthly format refills you can break down your plans however works best for you. You can add endless amounts of accessory pages, like address books notes pages, folders, and even extra tabs for whatever you need. Plus every year, you don’t have to purchase a whole new set, you just need a new refill. These are just some of the reasons why they should choose Day-Timer too!
You know you love using a Day-Timer, everyone does! Using it is how you stay sane with everything you’re juggling. You break it all down, and write it in your Day-Timer. When you think about how you’re going to be more productive in 2018, think Day-Timer. When your friends ask encourage them to give it a try to see how they can stay more organised and accomplish their to-dos more easily. We promise it’ll be worth their while.
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