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About Peace Love World
Our mission is to spread Peace Love & Happiness wherever & whenever we can. Peace and Love are the fundamental forces that lead to Happiness. This trinity puts you on the path to enlightenment. ??

Love is the key element. The ability to love another, selflessly and whole-heartedly, is the greatest and most rewarding experience one can have. And to receive love, to be open with your heart, ready & worthy of another’s love, is the greatest blessing.

One must love him or herself before loving another. Love is the fuel that gives birth to hope, compassion, faith, & sacrifice. From the eternal well-spring of Love, all things come. Always remember: It’s all about Luv. ?

Love leads to Peace. Practice peace unto others and you will experience that same peace in return. The alternative only leads to anger, frustration, and ultimately war. One must continually develop & cultivate his or her own quest for inner-peace in order to achieve outer-peace.

Peace from within leads to peace from without. Through this reciprocity, the human spirit can attain a state of true harmony. ?
If Peace & Love are the foundation of your beliefs and guiding principles, Happiness is sure to follow.

Happiness is not just a sense of being or a response to outside forces; it is not a selfish pursuit at all. Happiness is a way of being, a way of viewing the world and interacting with it. Happiness can be spread to anyone, even those who are not at peace, and do not feel the power of love in their own lives.

With a polite smile or a thoughtful gesture, you can spread happiness, no matter how fleeting, to even the grumpiest malcontent. Spreading happiness is not just an idea; it is an obligation. It is our mission.

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