About is the online home of Costway, an online company that says they pride themselves on “offering our customers the best product with a preferential price all over the world.”

How Does It Work?

According to their website, was established in 2008 and says that they are growing into one of the top retailers in both North America and Europe because of their reputation helping customers purchase satisfactory products at the best price.
Their website says that they pride themselves on providing their customers with plenty of options in the home and garden areas and beyond, and they always promise that when their website says that an item is In Stock, that means it will be packaged and shipped within 24 hours.
Customers who are interested in shopping this store’s inventory will be able to look through their products by category, including Home, Furniture, Outdoor, Hardware, Sporting Goods, Toys & Games, Animals & Pet Supplies, Health & Beauty, and Others.

Cost/Price Plans

Because this company sells such a wide variety of products, there is no one single price or price range that customers should expect to find for the products that are sold here, especially when you take into consideration sales or promotions which may take place throughout the year, or new items that may be added to their inventory during that same time.

Refund Policy

Their website does say that they provide their customers with a 30 day Return Policy which gives customers the right to return products for a refund within the first 30 days of the date of delivery, “due to quality issue occurred in the transit.”
Though it isn’t clear, it appears that this company will only provide their customers with the ability to return their purchase if it was damaged in transit and does not arrive to their home in perfect condition.
Unfortunately, this Refund Policy does not detail any circumstances besides these under which they will accept a refund, which makes it very difficult to feel confident making a major purchase through a website, where you will obviously be unable to see and examine the product in real life.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to speak with Customer Service about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected].


Unfortunately this company does seem to have poor reviews from some unhappy customers, all of which seem to be about the poor quality of the products they received as well as the unhelpfulness of the Customer Service team when they attempted to return their product or call to complain about products that broke soon after they were delivered.
As mentioned above, because this company does not appear to offer a full Refund Policy, but rather only provides a refund if your product arrives at your home already damaged, the fact that this company might be selling products with issues and then not providing customers with helpful assistance after the fact is a major concern. Customers will want to consider this carefully before they make the choice to order from this website.  Visit Costway and start shopping today.

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