Why To Choose Profender Spot- On For Your Cat?

Profender is a topical solution used to treat and prevent gastrointestinal worms in a cat. It is one of the most popular dewormer among cat parents as it kills all major worms in cats. Profender is a spot on allwormer, thus easy to apply without stressing your cat with oral worming treatments. It is safe to use on cats and kittens aged 8 weeks or above and weighing not below 2.2lbs.
Profender for Cats

What Profender Offers You?

• Easy to apply- cat friendly allwormer
• Kills all major intestinal worms
• Treats and controls tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms
• Protects your cat from lungworm
• Single dose application protects your cat for 30 days.
• Effective against adult and larval stage of intestinal worms, thus making it a complete feline dewormer

How To Apply The Treatment?

• Take out the tube from the pack and hold it in an upright position.
• Remove cap from the tube by breaking the seal.
• Part the fur of your cat at the neck side to make the skin exposed to spot on solution.
• Place the tip of the tube on the visible skin area and squeeze it to empty its content.
Profender Spot on For Cats by Budget PetCare
Protecting your cat from worms is very important. Profender can be your ultimate worming treatment as it contains many benefits including safety of the feline. However, you can also explore other wormers such as Antizole paste, etc. to give your cat worming treatment. Your vet can also guide you in selecting an appropriate worming treatment for your feline. At Budget Pet Care, you can avail exciting discounts on top cat dewormers.