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In the present day world, people rely upon the internet for literally everything.
While billions of people are using the internet to access different types of information, millions of them are making use of different online platforms for making lots and lots of money.
When it comes to monetizing your content on the internet, SEO optimization of your websites is critically essential.
It won’t be wrong to say that it is the foundation upon which the entire credibility of your website lies.
Keeping that in view, different internet entrepreneurs make use of different types of tools to improve the SEO of their websites.
Traffic Travis is such a tool that comes in really handy when it comes to search engine optimization of a website.
The tool is being used by numerous users who found it very effective in improving the SEO settings of their blogs and websites.
A detailed review discussing various details about this product is given in the sections below for your convenience and understanding.
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Traffic travis may be referred to as a free search engine optimization software that incorporates a number of features to help a user optimize their website for search engine results.
In addition to providing different types of SEO services, it also provides a number of other features that might be used for improving your PPC performance and researching the obtainable domain names.
In simpler words, traffic travis is a free desktop based search engine optimization software that helps in boosting your adsense earnings.
Considering the strong set of features it delivers to its users, the software has been serving as a backbone in the area of SEO related applications.
Numerous users have been using this product for quite some time now and they seem pretty satisfied with its performance.


Traffic travis offers a number of notable features that help you with the SEO of your website. A few details in this regard are discussed below.

Competitor analysis

When it comes to making money online, it is very important to keep track of your competitors’ movements and this feature enables you to do so. It allows you to monitor the standings of your competitors in different search engines and serves you a chance to beat them by improving your website on the said parameters.

Top ranking sites

Using traffic travis, you may carry out an SEO analysis of all the high tier websites by making use of different keywords. The best part is that the software allows you to do so at the stroke of a single click.

Keyword suggestion tool

In order to facilitate SEO campaigns and your PPC, traffic travis suggests you different variations on the target keywords. These variations might then be used for improving the SEO of your site.

Save and print reports

When you have conducted your research and analysis and want to secure it for later use, traffic travis allows you to do so. It generates reports on your analyses and allows you to save and print them for later use.


The tool enables you to create separate projects for different websites that you are interested in monitoring through a single click solution.

Impressive free version

Unlike majority of the SEO tools out there, traffic travis provides a pretty impressive free version that incorporates a number of high end features we do not see in majority of the similar tools. This gives us a pretty good idea about the integrity and credibility of the system.

Google adwords integration

This feature provided by traffic travis allows you to make use of Google adwords and keyword research tool for the keyword ranking of different web pages. The feature drags data from adwords and adsense and allows you to analyze and review them by breaking them down into smaller chunks.


The tools incorporated by traffic travis enable you to track the reasons behind why your competing websites are outranking yours. They allow you to identify backlinks and monitor the search engine rankings for bringing improvements in your own website.

Directions to use traffic travis

In order to give you a run down on the actual functionalities of the traffic travis system, a few details on the use of this SEO system are provided below.

  1. First of all, you need to activate the software using an activation code. This needs to be done regardless of the fact that you are using the free or the premium version of the tool.
  2. This is a desktop based tool so you only require putting in your email address and name to start off.
  3. After getting these details, an invitation code is sent by traffic travis to the registered email id.
  4. From the received email, you need to activate your account and start off with the tool.
  5. After you are done with the installation and registration procedures, you need to initiate a new project to work on.
  6. The tool allows you to add different keywords for monitoring. Using the same feature you may also monitor individual web pages as well.
  7. The home screen serves as the dashboard of the tool and clicking on different sections allows you to achieve different functionalities. These include PPC, SEO, My Site, Research, etc.
  8. The tool allows you to access all the required details such as backlinks, page ranks, keyword rankings, etc.

If you are planning on using the free version of traffic travis, you would have to follow the below mentioned compulsions:

  • Use of up to 50 keywords for a single project
  • Facility of creating 5 projects only.

Use of 5 keywords for a single search when it comes to keyword research tools, domain research and seo competition.

  • Traffic travis comes at a very reasonable price of only 97 USD per annum. Since it offers a variety of high end features that are hard to find in other similar tools, the price seems to be completely justified. If you are interested in managing a limited number of sites, you may stick to the free version as well.
  • Traffic travis system has been around for quite some time now. Since its introduction into the market, it is going through the process of refinement and evolution on a consistent basis which makes it a much better choice in comparison to its competitors.
  • Traffic travis incorporates a number of high end features that may allow you to do lots and lots of stuff that would be really hard to accomplish for you otherwise.
  • Team traffic travis is very keen and concerned when it comes to taking care of their clients. That’s the reason why their support center is very friendly and accommodating. Moreover, they also have a thorough FAQs database to answer the commonly asked questions.
  • Traffic travis features a limited money back guarantee of 60 days which means that you may ask for a refund on your money if you are not satisfied with the performance of the system. Keeping that in view, there literally is nothing to lose if you decide on purchasing this system.
  • Traffic travis system does not feature cloud access. Keeping in view the fact that people are interested in spending more of their time on tablets and cell phones than computers, this appears to be a down side.
  • Traffic travis does not offer any native support for mac os. So if you are working on mac, you might want to rethink your options.
  • Unlike a few of the other similar seo systems in the market, traffic travis charges you on an annual basis.
  • Traffic travis is a production of the same company that produced Affilorama. If you have used that product, you would know the high number of emails they keep dropping into your inbox. Traffic travis is no different than its predecessor in this regard.

Give Traffic Travis a try and you will be free of all the troubles you have been coming across with your websites. It is a high end SEO tool that helps your websites stand out at the right ranks in search engine results.

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