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For most couples, zeroing in on a dream venue is the first crucial step of the wedding planning process. Once you’ve got that down, everything else seems to fall into place, with the look and feel of the locale setting the tone for the whole celebration—including the attire. So while it’s true that a black suit or tux fits in just about anywhere (and that the fashion focus tends to be on the bride and bridesmaids), we encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to the guys’ ensembles too. To get you started, we pulled together our favorite combos from Men’s Wearhouse for a wedding party look that’s as unique as your venue.
For a Super-Luxe Soiree
Having a formal affair doesn’t mean you can’t be fashion-forward. Want something a little less expected than an all-black tux? A white dinner jacket, complete with a black satin shawl collar, is the perfect alternative for a groom who wants to step outside the norm. Complement his look by outfitting the groomsmen in an equally trendy light gray tuxedo, and tie it all together with matching black bow ties.
For a Modern Maritime Bash
Give a nod to nautical style with the classic preppy pairing of blue and gray. In a suit just a few shades brighter than navy—sharply contrasted with all-white accessories—the main man is sure to stand out. For the groomsmen, three-piece gray suits elevate the formality factor, while mix-and-match accessories in varying shades of blue let them showcase their own style.
For a Whimsical Garden Party
groom in light gray suit and groomsman in tan suit
An outdoor event calls for attire inspired by the landscape’s lush greens and colorful blooms. For the groom, a three-piece suit in light gray paired with a pastel shirt and tie complements the natural vibe. For the groomsmen, we love the look of a crisp tan suit with shirts and ties in floral-inspired hues. (Lilac, anyone?)
For a Festive City Gathering
bride with balloons, groom in blue suit and groomsmen in gray suits
If your wedding venue leans a bit more casual yet still on the chic side, the groom can’t go wrong with a classic navy suit. Combine it with a matching tie and light blue shirt for a look that’s clean-cut and classic. Give your groomsmen a little freedom by letting them choose their own shirt and tie (as long as it supports your color palette, of course). But keep the party unified in the same gray suit and brown leather shoes.
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