Lowes.com DIY Review


Metallic Painted Bedroom Mirror
I’m not what would you call a cheap skate. At least I don’t think I am. Frugal. That’s a much better word. I like a good deal what can I say. I LOVE saving money as much as the next person. If I can make something (or more accurately if Pinterest makes me think I can make something) save a buck and not pull my hair out in the process I’m all in.
I’ve wanted to add a piece of mirrored wall art to our bedroom for a while now. I’ve been smitten with one that I saw at a Gallerie that starts with a Z forever now. Problem? It’s $255. I just couldn’t swipe my card. Couldn’t. I think I found something just as awesome and I spent 1/4 of that making minor modifications myself. Yay me.  I’m always amazed at how quickly you can transform just about anything with a simple can of SPRAY PAINT.
I figure if I don’t like something, I’ll just paint it again. No problem. In other news I might be addicted to metallic spray paint ever since we finished our DIY GLITTER RIMMED MASON JARS . I could be addicted to worse things so I’m thinking it’s no so bad after all.
Metallic Painted Mirror Supplies
I found a similar mirror (vs the expensive dream mirror) at the bulls eye store. It started out black. Not that I have a problem with black because well it’s kinda my color but I wanted the mirror silver. I’m going for CALM and SOOTHING for this room makeover. My life is chaotic and LOUD so when it’s time to unwind I want a quiet little comfortable corner filled with lots of pillows. It’s true.

Once I had the mirror I popped over to my local LOWE’S HOME IMPROVEMENT to pick up supplies.

Valspar Metallic Spray Paint
Painters Tape
Paint Brush
Mod Podge
Sand Paper


  • Place painters tape over the mirrored section.
  • In a well ventilator area spray paint the area that was black. Allow paint to dry completely. Add a second coat if necessary.
  • Remove painters tape. Discard.
  • Randomly paint the tips of the mirror with mod podge. Sprinkle glitter on tips.
  • Wipe sand paper along center of mirror to create texture.

Metallic Painted Bedroom Mirror
Since it’s absolutely FREEZING here it took the paint a little longer to dry so I did the project over two days. I was able to paint the mirror by laying it on the packaging I purchased it in (bonus). You could always pick up a tarp or other paint coverings while you’re at Lowe’s if you prefer.
I’m thrilled with how it turned out and love the subtle addition that the glitter tips add. It looks fantastic at night with the night light and candle light. Yes, I’m a sucker for candles. Can’t have enough in my opinion.