Land's End – Stain-Resistant Apparel


Oops! It happened again: you spilled coffee on your lap. Or perhaps changing the toner cartridge left an unsightly smudge on your shirt. Maybe your clothes seem to love taco Tuesday as much as you do. Wherever you work, it’s impossible to completely avoid spills and messes—you don’t need to be a butterfingers in the break room. That’s why at Lands’ End Business we offer many styles with stain-resistant or stain-release finishes. For instance, stain resistance is just one of five easy-care properties built into our cotton mesh and pima polos, along with resistance to wrinkles, fading, shrinking and pilling. You’ll also find them in our Super-T.

We should first clarify the difference between stain resistance and stain release. Stain-resistant fabrics stop stains before they happen; stain-release finishes make sure stains come out easily in the wash. Either way, our stain-fighting styles ensure longer life and a neater look even after many a trip through the wash. When it comes to overall stain-fighting value, our Business Basics polyester polo comes out on top with a stain-release finish as well as industrial-laundry capability. It’s built specifically to take the high temperatures of industrial cleaning in its stride, making it perfect for company outfitting in many industries.
Then there’s the classic Oxford shirt, which goes from dressed up to business casual without a hitch. It’s equipped with a stain-release finish that lets water and detergent sink deeply into the fabric to remove grime.
And our performance twills might just be the hardest-working shirts in business, resisting wrinkles as well as spills and stains. You can wear them straight from the dryer knowing they’ll look good all day.
This is by no means an exhaustive list, but you can shop our complete stain-fighting collection any time in our online store. So relax, order that tall latte, reload the printer, and take your team out for BBQ. Your Lands’ End shirt will get through it all looking just fine.