Should You Shop With Them?

I know first hand how stressful the holidays can be for people. You want to get your loved ones a nice gift to show your love and appreciation however stuff doesn’t come cheap. I remember that feeling at the checkout counter where you keep hearing the beep of the scanner and the feeling of apprehension waiting to see the final bill. Then trying to hide your surprised look, if you’re like me for a moment you want to return it all.
Not sure if you have ever been in that situation before but I will tell you it’s not the best feeling. In face most people don’t pay off Christmas until July and they end up paying much more money in credit card interest.
If you are looking for a way to feel less stressed about the holidays and really get nice gifts for your loved ones then flexshopper may be what you need. Click to visit their website and find out if they have what you need.

What Is FlexShopper?

FlexShopper is a company that helps the average person buy pretty much any product without destroying their savings. They are the largest lease to own company in the world with over 85,000 top brand products. You can get just about anything you’d ever need from them, and the best part is you don’t need any large sums of cash or credit cards. You can get up to a $2,000 limit instantly and then make very affordable weekly payments for a year and then you own it outright.
Flexshopper is a company that offers average people the ability to break down the purchase price of any name brand electronic item, appliance product, tires,  furniture, etc down to small weekly payments so it fits the budget easily. This is especially nice with household appliances because they are quite expensive and can be hard for people to afford up front. (Which is why many of us get bombarded with utility companies asking us to buy their appliance replacement plan)

Why Should You Use Flexshopper?

Flexshopper is something the average person can use to get what they need, credit isn’t an issue unlike trying to get a personal loan from a bank or a credit card. Likewise this allows you to stay away from the predatory pay-day loan companies.
FlexShopper’s rent to own method offers a customers a way to buy things on credit, other than credit cards. And people with no credit history or even bad credit can still use their program. Flexshopper is superior to credit cards because they don’t discriminate higher prices for people who have gone through a rough time.
They offer their customers a “lease to own” where you are technically renting the device from the company for up to a year. After the year is up and you have made all the payments the item is yours forever and no more payments are needed and the item is yours to keep forever!
FlexShopper is similar to Rent-A-Center but a step up because they don’t have all of the physical brick and mortar building that RAC has. Everything in online. This way they can charge less to the consumer (you) while being highly convenient and they stay in business. That’s a win-win for business and their customers.
So if you need or want one of these items but you want to keep saving money or maybe you don’t have enough set aside to just buy it you can rent it rather inexpensively and still have what you need. There is no reason in this day an age you should not have access to items that will significantly benefit your life.
Bad credit, doesn’t matter here, there are no hidden fees or money down.

What Does Flexshopper Offer You?

  • People with bad credit can still buy what they need.
  • No long term commitments.
  • No money down.
  • They give you an instant spending limit – up to $2,000!
  • You can pay a “cash value” which is what it costs in the store. Within 90 days
  • Free Shipping on Some Items – Especially Larger Items

They really try to do as much for you as they can. Flex shopper offers easy access to buy whatever you need – even if everyone else might turn you down you can count on this company to be there.

What Can FlexShopper Do If You Don’t Pay?

Because flexshopper is giving you money up front to buy things you need, they own the items until it’s paid off. If you refuse to pay, they will contact you and try to figure things out.
However if you totally refuse to pay for the item at then that is stealing and they can press charges against you. This is the same as banks, or anyone who lends you something. It’s theft.

Is FlexShopper Legit?

Scamadvisor.com gives them a 98% trust rating so they are highly trustworthy. They are also a publicly traded company with investors and shareholders. What this means is they are a legit company with sound business practices. You can be assured they are not a scam.
In Fact, many people said they would refer them to a friend.flexshopper-trust

FlexShopper Financials

They have very nice financial statements. Looking at their balance sheet they have more assets than debt, but they also have a lot of liquid assets. Looking at their balance sheet they seem to be a stable company with good leadership and solid business model. I’m not saying to buy their stock, however they have a sound business model and are worth buying from.
Also from 2012-2014 they have increased their assets and lowered their liabilities. This adds confidence to them and really shows great leadership and company oversight. Feel free to look for yourself:
Ticker Symbol: FPAY
This is not investment advice, this is just a look to see how the company is managed and whether or not the company will stay in business.

What I like about FlexShopper:

  • Again no money down
  • People with bad or no credit can join their program
  • Their shopping model works nicely for trying to stay in budget and save money.
  • You can choose from thousands of name brand products!
  • The payments are set up automatically so you never miss one.
  • They offer 90 same as cash, this means if you pay the cash value (disclosed in lease agreement) shipping and a $50.00 processing fee within 90 days then the item immediately becomes yours.

What I don’t like about them:

  • Payments are due weekly – but with automatic payments it’s not really an issue.
  • You will pay slightly more for the items using flexshopper – but since you have low weekly payments the money you save up front could be turned into something that would create more money in the future. Or what I like is it keeps your savings in tact so you aren’t stressed about making a new one.

Final Verdict on Flex Shopper

Flex Shopper offering a unique way to get what you want and need right now, but not pay large chunks of money out of pocket.They offer lease to own electronics and appliances from name brand manufacturers at a great price. While it is true you will pay more for the item than if you bought it, the price is comparable to a credit card, but if you have bad credit you probably wont begetting a credit card anyway. In my opinion they offer a solid way to keep your savings in tack but still getting the latest model TV or Computer. I think this is especially good for college students who don’t have a lot of disposable income or savings, and for people that struggle to save money to buy things they want.
Flexshopper is not meant for everyone – it’s made for the average person who would rather see a small amount of money come out rather than a huge lump sum which decimates their emergency fund. If that’s not you then that’s perfectly fine but for many of us flexshopper makes our lives easier. So if you’d like to give them a shot I can fully tell you, you will not be disappointed.
I would highly recommend using flexshopper for your bigger purchases, just use them wisely and treat it like a credit card. Only buy what you really need.
If you feel what FlexShopper offers fits your lifestyle then click here right now to check them out – give them a try!