Barnes & Noble – Another Alternative To Books Shopping

My daughter had to have some books to read over the summer for her up coming 11th grade year at school, in fact, she will have a test the 2nd day back. And one of the places I looked was at Barnes & Noble, because I like their stores and I have shopped at their online store before and had no problems. So I thought I would give them another try.
They were offering free s/h with a purchase of two or more books, and I can also get 2 points for every dollar spent in my ”My Points” account. So off to B&N I went.

Barnes & Noble Online Book Store
When you first come on the website you will find a very colorful page with a white background and dark green, black and light green writing.
Across the top there will be links for: Home, Bookstore, Out of Print, College Textbooks, Half Price Books, eBooks, Children, Audiobooks, Music, DVD & Video, Magazine Subscriptions, and Online Courses.
You will also find links that will take you to :Browse Books, What’s New, Bestsellers, Coming Soon, First Chapters and Recommended. Their search engine is also at the top and you can search via: Keyword, Title or Author.
Over on the left hand side you will find links that will take you the Featured Subjects and they have many to choose from! Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, Photography just to name a few. When you click on these different links you will be taken to a page with selections on that topic. And there are always a lot to choose from!
Under Mystery I found a lot of books to choose from. And on the Mystery page I was able to choose by Author, Title, Best Seller, Mystery and Crime. The same links are across the top of this page as well. In fact no matter which page you go you will find the same links across the top.
And You will also find across the top of the homepage your shopping cart and checkout. You will also find a help section, your account, and a wish list and order status. These are great features on any website!
I like using their wish list because I can put books that I want or books that my daughter needs there and later on when the money is right I can go and buy them and it will be easier for me because I already have the information stored. You can also sign up for free newsletters and you can shop by price of a book.
The out of print is good also because sometimes a book I am looking for is no longer available and I will look there first.
Down at the bottom of the page as with any homepage for any company, you will find links that will take you to: Open A Corporate Account, Build Your Own Online Bookstore, Publisher and Author Guide and other important links. You should read the privacy statement.
And of course in the center of the homepage you will always find the current Best Sellers and Specials going on. You will find all kinds of information at the Help center and I highly recommend that you look there first.

How I Feel
I really loved this site. I was able to use the search engine and found the books that my daughter needed right away. The pages loaded quickly and we were able to choose from various books under the same titles. I spent a total of $30.20 with free shipping and handling. And all books will be shipped within 24 hours.
I have used them before, like I said earlier, a while back and had no problems then, so I don’t expect any this time around. The customer service people thus far have been friendly and my credit card information is safe using their site! And I really like that.
Barnes & Noble is a wonderful bookstore and their online store is just as great. I found my way around the site with ease, pages loaded quickly.
The s/h will vary depending on what you order, but they do use UPS. International orders are welcome. You can find out more about s/h in the Help section.
I hope that this has helped in some kind of way. Start shopping over at B&N today.