How Table Covers and Throws Can Boost Your Business

Custom table covers are a must-have for trade shows and business events, giving your business that extra professional polish. Last month we shared some tips on how to make your next trade show a success. One of our suggestions was to make sure your trade show table and setup looks professional. A simple way to do that is to use high-quality signage and display items, including all the details like your table cover.  Here are some helpful tips to help you choose a great-looking table cover or throw to boost your brand at events.

Quality Matters
A cheaply made table cover comes at a high price. You want your table to look professional, and that means the cover should be heavy enough to look substantial, printed with high-quality ink, and it should fit well and be secured to the table. If the cover is going to spend any time outdoors, make sure it’s waterproof as well.
Size Up the Competition
Pay attention to the displays your competitors use at shows and make a note of what you liked or didn’t like about their setups. Depending on your business and desired esthetic, there are many options on the market for table displays, and below we will go over some common table cover styles to help you get started.
Which Table Cover Style is Right for You and What’s the Difference?
It can be a bit confusing to know which type of cover to buy, so let’s take a closer look at some popular styles. BannerBuzz offers several types of table covers and throws, so you can choose the one that is right for you and your unique needs.
Open Corner Table Covers 
These are covers that have open cut seams at the bottom, allowing for easy installation over tables of various sizes. This style comes in a 3-sided or 4-sided version and is a solid cover that is very popular at trade shows due to its versatility.
Fitted Table Covers
Fitted covers are designed for the perfectionists in mind, offering a wrinkle-free, smooth fit. These are also available in 3 or 4-sided options and are very popular at trade shows.
Stretch Table Covers
Simply speaking, these covers are stretchy. They offer to give in the material so you can fit them over your table easily even if you don’t have the exact dimensions, and they stay firmly in place. These hide a lot of flaws, making them a popular choice for all kinds of events.
Cross Over Table Covers
This design crosses over in the front, as per the name. They function exactly like regular table covers, but the crossover design makes them stand out and look a bit more modern if that’s your style.
Pleated Table Covers
If you’re into pleated pants, you’ll like pleated table covers. They are similar to fitted covers, but with pleats for added style.
Convertible/Adjustable Covers
If you do a lot of events and your tables are constantly changing, this is the cover you need. A few velcro ties make these covers easy to adjust so you can change the size as needed without compromising the professional look. These are definitely the most forgiving table covers BannerBuzz makes, and you’ll be able to use them for years to come.
Round Table Covers, Throws, and More
In addition to the styles above, BannerBuzz makes table covers in round shapes, and you can choose blank, printed, white, or multiple color options, and choose between weights and fabrics. Each product page will guide you through your style, material, and color choice so you can customize the table cover that will compliment your brand at trade shows or wherever your business takes you.