When you don’t know what to buy as a perfect gift for your girlfriend/fiance/wife/mother, there is one thing in the universe that is always suitable for this occasion – jewelry. Fashion has been changing throughout all centuries but jewelry was always one of its part. Women love to look great and extraordinary so small gold or silver ornaments just extend the flash of their beauty. Every woman’s face shine and glows much more with a pair of earrings and beautiful necklace. What’s more important – the old proverb say – “If you don’t know what to do – buy her a new piece of jewelry”.
History of jewelry starts over 22 thousand years ago. The primal humans used animal teeth and fangs as their jewelry. The expensiveness of it was a determinant of society position. Another purpose of primal jewelry was to measure and mark courage of the warrior.
About six thousand years ago jewelry makers started to use gold, silver and expensive stones for this purpose. We think that gold and silver jewelry was first made in Egypt. Despite of the escalation of beauty, the main purpose of Egyptian jewelry was connected with religion. People used to wear a lot of different amulets at that time, each of them made for another reason. Amulet could be made as a protection from evil ghosts, as a cure for infertility or as protection from thieves as well.
In ancient Rome the main importance in jewelry had expensive stones as emeralds, sapphires and diamonds, of course. Both men and woman wear a lot of rings on their fingers.
Through all next years, gold and silver became the most popular material for jewelry. Also it became women’s domain. What’s never changed – diamonds are still women’s best friends. It would be wonderful if every single one of them could get them at least once in a lifetime from their beloved. Sadly, not everybody can afford them… On the other hand there are great substitutes for them that does not cost a fortune. For instance Swarovski’s jewelry is relatively cheap and it looks fabulous!!!
What makes jewelry such an exceptional gift? The answer is very simple – it’s beautiful and every woman wears it!!! Besides there is a lot of jewelry types and pieces so that every lady can choose what she likes. There is no problem with finding appropriate decorations for woman at every age. Teenagers prefer more casual style (charms bracelets, funny earrings, Alice bands and piercing), mature woman loves classic – diamond and sapphire earrings and necklaces, subtle bracelets ( made of silver, gold, metal or leather) and brooches. It’s good to find your own style – once you’ll figure out what suits you, it’ll be easier to find something appropriate to your sense of style in the future. We should all celebrate our personal style because it makes us who we are! Individuality is very important but sometimes it takes a lot of time to find the best style for us. Don’t worry if you haven’t found it yet! It’ll come to you. You should try different things – that’s the best and easiest way to find the right things for you!
What other tips we have for you? It’s always good to try different things but you should remember that not every type of jewelry is appropriate for mature woman. For instance if you are in your thirties or forties you probably shouldn’t wear girly Alice bands or very colorful earrings. It’s good to find style that is appropriate for your age. If you find it hard to do so, use the tips you’ll find in style and fashion magazines or it internet tutorials and blogs. You can also find there a lot of inspirations and interesting ideas for original clothes and jewelry. If you have an artistic talent you can also try to make your own jewelry. Not only this is fun but also thanks to that you can have the jewelry that fulfills all your expectations! Internet is a real mine of knowledge so you’ll find there all the information you need. You can also buy there everything – prices are usually lower than those offered by traditional stores.
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