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To answer this question, it is important to know in which circumstances it has appeared. The first jewelry pieces appeared around 100 000 years ago, during the times, in which men have been mainly thinking about survival. This may surprise you, taking into account, that jewelry is apparently not something we need to survive – it may seem, that it is a luxury, which we could spend time on after meeting a number of other, more basic needs.
To our ancestors, jewelry served five functions: religious, symbolic, to show social status, usage and as a decoration. They believed in the magic hidden in jewelry, in the form of talismans and amulets. It has been used as an offering to the gods. In ancient times, only the nobility could afford such a luxury as jewelry, and it was a way to stand out from the common masses. To the nobility, jewelry was a symbol of power and allowed them to strengthen their authority.
Despite the fact that most of these objectives are no longer current, jewelry is still very important to us. For us, women, because men often don’t wear it in current times (although recently jewelry appeared in men’s fashion as well, but still very marginal). In the 21st century, it mainly serves the for the purpose of decoration. Jewelry adds to womanhood and emphasizes our beauty. It is not sufficient, however, to wear any jewelry, in order to achieve these objectives. It must be appropriately selected, otherwise it will be counterproductive. Therefore, in this article, I will concentrate on the rules to be followed, which actually add to femininity, and not for the opposite effect.
Matching jewelry to clothing, hair and make-up
When it comes to hairstyle and make-up, a few rules should be kept in mind. We must remember coherence and harmony. We cannot wear a classic bracelet and a brooch along with extravagant make-up and hairstyle. In addition, we have to choose whether we want to catch attention with make-up, jewelry, or a hairstyle? We cannot over do it. Jewelry serves as a diversity to dress.
Think about your design as a whole. Unfortunately, some elements of an outfit exclude certain types of jewelry and you will have to give it up, but in a certain situation, an outfit and jewelry accompany each other into a harmonious whole. A black dress matches perfectly with red, purple, green, or silver jewelry. Remember not to connect colors that are too uniform or on the contrary, extremely contrasting. One should be dominant, and the rest should be a supplement.
If you are tied to a particular kind of jewelry and you necessarily want to wear it, be sure to match the outfit and not the other way around. Amber in silver matches silk fabric clothes, slightly lighter than the color of amber.
Jewelry accompaniment to the appearance of your face and body
There are four types of women’s beauty that can be, metaphorically, compared to four seasons. Each matches a different type of jewelry. Spring has a fair complexion, blonde hair and light eyes. The best match is jewelry of blue, green or yellow. A turquoise is a stone, which is a perfect complement to this type of beauty.
Summer offers a light or beige complexion, hair of ash grey to blonde and a variation of eye color. This kind of beauty should be accented with cool colors such as light blue, navy or silver.
The fall has a very light or beige complexion, covered with orange freckles, chestnut hair, orange or brass and irises of the eyes in an amber color. This type of beauty should be accented with brooches with amber in the retro style.
Winter can have a porcelain complexion or dark complexion, dark hair and contrasting color of eyes. Strong color tones of jewelry, pure white, black or dark navy blue, are preferred to these characteristics. To winter, we would recommend large, prominent jewelry and dark precious stones such as onyx.
When we match jewelry to the type of beauty, we also match the face shape to the shape of earrings. To simplify, it can be concluded that there are mainly three types of a face, which can be compared to geographical figures.
The first of these is the triangle, for which specific are: narrow, elongated chin, broad forehead, and for this person, the cheek bones constitute as the broadest part of your face. Jennifer Lopez has triangular face. It is worth to compensate for the lower part of the upper face with this type of a face. This means that we should wear earrings, which are narrower at the top and wider.
The second type is a circle or oval or face, which is the widest on the level of the cheeks, consists of a low forehead and round chin. Kate Winslet, as an example, is one of the people with round face. If you are of this specific kind of beauty, avoid round jewelry and think about long earrings.
A third geometric figure, to which a face can be compared to, is a square or rectangle. If you have a broad forehead, protruding cheek bones and a wide jaw, that is to say, that you have rectangular face, such as, for example, Paris Hilton. For you, as opposed to people with round faces, earrings with round shapes are desirable.
In addition, please note that, jewelry should camouflage your physical imperfections, and not emphasize them. If you have a fine silhouette, don’t wear massive and chunky pieces. Choose a small decoration. If you have a massive silhouette and you are tall, you should definitely wear large and massive jewelry with unique designs and shapes. For the shorter women with a fuller body type, we would recommend more discreet jewelry. A short neck can be elongated optically using a long necklace. Fuller breasts can be camouflaged with a necklace with half the length from the neck to the breast line. Massive necklaces, on the other hand, match women with smaller breasts.
In selecting rings, it is extremely important, what type of fingers you have. I, for example, have slim fingers and the best match for me, are massive rings. However, if you have fuller fingers, I wouldn’t suggest wearing such rings. You should wear more delicate designs.
Social conventions and moderation
Jewelry should be chosen so as to have the desired characteristic, depending on the circumstances – official, loose, sports … Wear rather modest jewelry to work. In a disco, you can afford to wear more extravagant designs. You can wear long earrings and a bracelet with shiny zircons.
Regardless of all this, what is written above, you should always be aware of one thing before wearing jewelry – it should be worn in moderation. It is better to put on one accent that catches attention, rather than to overdo with excess ornamentation. If you are putting on a necklace, stick with small earrings or don’t wear them at all. Also keep in mind that well-chosen jewelry does not need to be expensive. It should catch attention with its originality, style, color and form. You have the feel good and free about it.
Jewelry is not only an aesthetic – it is something more. It is a way to gain a sense of self-confidence and values. It should be matched with personality, and appropriate to the nature of the current mood. For some, it may be symbolic and hold a sentimental value. Also, do not forget the medicinal properties. Visit today.

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