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YAMAHA MX-88: Overview
The YAMAHA MX-88 synthesizer embodies everything that YAMAHA has been about since it’s founding. Consisting of a wide-variety of piano, synth, guitar, bass, and more exotic sounds, the MX-88 gives you the tools to take on any project. This synthesizer is blessed with modern amenities, but it keeps the vintage player happy too. This is a piece of equipment that feels solid, but is not ridiculously heavy. It’s still mobile at a little over 30lbs, but it’s not as lightweight as some other more modern synthesizers. It maintains that iconic sleek black look often associated with legacy YAMAHA piano’s and keyboard synthesizers,. However, it has some new-school charm to it at the same time. Quality and efficiency have been big for YAMAHA throughout the years, and they’re sticking true to that concept. No matter what playing style you have, the MX-88 will leave you satisfied.
Premium Feel
One of the MX88’s most important features is how great it feels and how well it responds. The keys use Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Standard weighted action. What this means is that the weight on the lower, and more bass heavy keys is heavier than the more high pitched keys. This gives you a more realistic acoustic piano feel which is no surprise considering the action is meant to emulate Yamaha’s genuine Concert Grand Piano’s. Play with much more tone, groove, realism, and accuracy with the Optimized Touch Curve. It’s truly incredible for a music synthesizer to possess this level of virtuosity and dynamics, but it’s expected because Yamaha has been producing quality instruments for 100 years!. Playing the MX-88 will inspire you to create and perform constantly.
Hands on Control
One of the MX88’s most modern amenities is it’s seamless software integration. Thanks to its USB output, the MX88 is a great controller for your favorite, DAW software, and software synthesizers on both Mac and PC! It is even compatible with IOS devices(iPhones/iPads). Use the on-board transport controls with any DAW of your choice and interact with the plug-in parameters through the control knobs on the MX-88’s top panel. It also offers a 16-channel MIDI interface which allows you to use the MX-88 as a tone generator and a keyboard controller.
Sounds and Layering
No conversation about Yamaha Synthesizers is complete without talking about the incredible sound engine. Borrowed from Yamaha’s flagship Motif XS, all sounds including synths, pianos, organs, basses, and more, have been meticulously sampled from high quality instruments using premium studio recording equipment . This adds to the “true” musical feel of the keyboard. Some other great re-creations included in this synthesizer are orchestral sounds such as strings and woodwinds. The Motif Sound Engine is made of up to 8 elements. Each of these elements can be utilized in many ways. Layer the elements to construct a thick, fat type of sound, or set up zones to isolate an element to a specific part of the keyboard! You also switch between the elements based on velocity for better dynamics, or set them to random them for a more experimental take on your sound. 128-note polyphony ensure that any performance is free of dropout.
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