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I love dolls, I always have. Growing up with a mother who loved dolls and finally had a girl who loved dolls as much as her, I was showered with dolls.  At Christmas there would be so many dolls awaiting me and I was probably one of the only kids who had a mom suggest they get a Madame Alexander baby doll in the Walt Disney World gift shop rather than the typical stuffed Minnie.
I was very much the same with my daughter and relished buying her dolls of all kinds.  Last Summer I was so impressed with Emil, a large Rubens Barn Original Doll that I could not wait to get another Rubens Barn cutie in my arms.  Well, that opportunity arrived and Little Meiya may be smaller than the Original dolls but she is tipping the cuteness scales! She has a full head of that signature downy soft black hair and a darling headband with large bow.
Little Meiya Rubens Barn Doll
Her adorable bubble romper is done in a bright cupcake fabric with a top in bright pink with white polka dots that matches the polka dot band of her headband.  Her sweet little toes peek out and her big brown eyes beg you to give her a hug.  She has a weighted bottom so she is quite substantial and able to sit without toppling over.  In the Little Rubens Party Collection you will find Meiya and many friends who would just love to come home with you.
Rubens Barn Dolls are machine washable so they can join your child on their daily adventures.   I warn you though, these dolls are addicting and you can’t have just one, which has me thinking about who should be next to join our family : ). Mommy Ramblings loves Rubens Barn Dolls so much she is adding them to our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!  
Little Rubens Barn Party Collection Doll
These colorful and cozy Little Rubens Party dolls are delightful dears your little ones will love! They’re the little cousins to the larger Rubens Barn® dolls that bear their same name. Each comes dressed ready for fun. Choose Little Anna, Little Emil, Little Harry, Little Ida, Little Maria, or Little Meiya. No matter which Rubens Barn character you choose for your own child, he or she is sure to be an enchanting friend for life.
The handmade dolls are machine washable, and their removable clothes can be hand washed.
• Chubby, cuddly dolls
• Weighted bottoms
• Designed in Sweden
• Each is dressed ready for a party
• Sparkly eyes, downy hair, and pixie faces
For ages 2 and up.
Available Styles
Little Anna
Little Emil
Little Harry
Little Ida
Little Maria
Little Meiya
15-1/2″ tall
Since 1995, Rubens Barn® (“Barn” means “children” in Swedish) has been creating beautiful dolls with a level of charisma, innocence, and heart, unlike any dolls on the market today. Designed in Sweden, each lovable soft-sculpted doll has a unique personality. All have the signature sparkly embroidered eyes, sweet pixie face, and weighted bottoms that make them feel much like a real baby when held. Their bodies are made from the softest fleece so that every hug is warm and comforting.
Magic Cabin – Childhood’s Purest Treasures is a company that I have been a customer of for over 2 decades, way before the internet, when I shopped like most through their catalog.  They have such a great selection of gifts for kids, if you are doing your holiday shopping be sure and visit their website for lots of great choices. Magic Cabin is having a special on Black Friday Free Ship + $10 Reward Card on Orders of $49+ Use Code: FSMC49
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