The Many Faces of KeeperFill on Android

Using KeeperFill on Android

KeeperFill is an autofill feature that makes signing into your favorite websites a breeze. While security and convenience are maintained across all versions of Android, your user experience may vary depending on the version of Android your device is operating on. KeeperFill for Android operates in one of three ways:

1. Android 8+ (Oreo)

Android’s most recent update, Android Oreo (also known as 8.0), introduced a new feature to the product called “Autofill”. Autofill provides users a way to input login or payment information quickly without having to manually type the criteria everytime a form requests it.
Keeper worked directly with Google engineers to integrate with Autofill for filling and saving passwords. To set Keeper as your default Autofill, log in to Keeper on your device and visit the “Settings” screen.
Note: Users familiar with using KeeperFill on previous versions of Android will be quick to notice the gold Keeper lock icon will no longer appear on the right side of your device. Just tap on any login field and Android Autofill will display automatically.

2. Older versions of Android

On older versions of Android, Keeper shows a gold lock on the right side of the screen when it detects you are in an app or on a website that has login or payment information to fill. Tapping on the gold lock opens the KeeperFill keyboard showing you the records to fill.
If the gold lock doesn’t appear for some reason, you can simply tap the “Keyboard Selector” on your device and select “KeeperFill”. The location of this Keyboard Selector will vary depending on the device being used. For example, it could be on the bottom right of your device or in the notification drawer.

3. In-app

KeeperFill is also available within the Keeper app. Simply pull up your Keeper record and tap the URL. Keeper will autofill your login information from within our application.

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