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The internet, in addition to revolutionizing the way of life for most people, and making the word a global village, has also created a platform for people to make business. But for you to know what it takes to makes money form the internet you need to have some form of training or mentorship. One of the courses that train people on how to make money on the internet is Internet Jetset.
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About Internet Jetset

Internet Jetset is an affiliate marketing course offered online by John Crestani as part of what he offers from his larger company “The Super Affiliate System”. The course comprehensively teaches on the free traffic methods for affiliate marketing on Google, Facebook and YouTube.
The course has been organized into several videos and after every video there is an assignment that you can take to test your understanding and mastery of the skills. You are expected to submit all the course assignments and the system has been developed to check this.
The Internet Jetset course is one that is aiming at helping you start your own online business from scratch. All you need is an internet connection and to make sure that you are attentive to John’s course training and follow everything that he says. In fact he guarantees that if you’re an attentive student you should be able to make your first money from the internet within two hours into the program.

More about John Crestani

John Crestani is a marketing guru with an iconic beard that makes him stand out from the crowd. He is popularly recognized as the 28 year old college dropout who used is marketing skills earned form the experience of working in an advertising agency to make a fortune out of online affiliate marketing. In addition to his Super Affiliate System Company and Internet Jetset, Crestani is also the owner of Immersive Labs which is a virtual reality company that uses innovative ways for marketing, and Nutryst, a nutritional supplements affiliate network which connects affiliate marketers with suppliers of nutraceutical products.

How does Internet Jetset work?

Internet Jetset is developed into different course videos that take a total of eight hours for one to complete. The course mainly aims at giving learners the technical know-how of how to maximize the use of mediums like Facebook, Google, YouTube and Amazon for successful marketing. The course also gives information on how to find and select ideal affiliate networks that give the best commission rates.  The concept of driving free traffic to affiliate marketing sites has also been comprehensively explored by Crestani on the Internet Jetset course. You can earn commission revenue from conversions and click-through on successfully getting traffic on affiliate marketing sites.

How to Get Started After Completing Your Internet Jetset Course

The Internet Jetset course does not leave you clueless on what to do after completing your course. You are presented with two opportunities to start you off on your online affiliate marketing career. The first opportunity is to start off your affiliate marketing by marketing or reselling internet Jetset itself via a ClickBank campaign. You can apply to join the other IJ affiliate marketers during the process of enrolling for the Internet Jetset course. As an affiliate marketer, you will earn 60% commission on all sales plus upsells and also the continuity program. This gives you a chance to earn referral commissions and also residual commission.
The second opportunity presents itself in the fact that following the rigorous training, you’ll be ready to start your own affiliate marketing campaign or support an existing campaign. Crestani is a talented teacher and has produced a lot of successful internet marketers. The success of your internet marketing campaign will however depend on your determination and your ability to grasp concepts of the profitable tactics.

Is this not just another MLM scam?

It’s natural for anyone to doubt the authenticity of John Crestani’s Internet Jetset program. The fact is that although his success has been documented wildly on the internet, and so many people are praising him for their take off, it’s just wise to trade carefully. There are numerous affiliate marketing scams that are presented as pyramid schemes, unless you know how to spot a legit program from an MLM scheme you might just end up wasting your money and time.
Crestani has a bad record dating back from his college days where he was suspended for several business dealings. In fact he has once even had his account on PayPal suspended since the authority claimed that he was selling non-approved products. Some of the people who have reviewed Internet Jetset have criticized and questioned its authenticity simply because of Crestani’s past record.
The truth is that the poor business dealing records of Crestani’s past don’t in any way affect the future success of IJ either for him or his students. The Internet Jetset and co affiliate programs present an opportunity for anyone interested to create a stable income generating business. With the foundational skills that Crestani gives in the course, anyone novice or experienced can be able to begin profiting from internet affiliate marketing, paid traffic and creating funnels.

How to acquire Internet Jetset

The internet Jetset course can be purchased for $47. This package contains secret lessons on how to earn your first commission just within two hours of going through the program, a secret tip for using Amazon and Facebook to get profits instantly and also tips on choosing the right products for affiliate marketing among others.
For an extra $147 (Upsell) you can purchase the Extreme Case Study Archive that contains webinars, interviews and case studies with other internet marketing and affiliate marketing moguls.
Finally there is an upsell that you pay on a monthly basis. It is called Jetset Live and costs $47 per month. Paying for it gives you access to Crestani’s live webinar trainings in which he gives one-on-one lessons to his students, gives updates and his opinions on the latest events and upgrades in the affiliate marketing industry, and examines student campaigns.

  • The Internet Jetset course has been designed by an affiliate marketing guru. That makes the concepts very legit and increase the probability of one achieving success since the creator used the same tricks he has given for his own success.
  • The program offers practical ways of learning and there are assignments that are actually checked by the program. Learning through doing makes the learning process much faster and helps you grasp the concepts more easily.
  • John gives comprehensive explanations in the several concepts in the videos. He explores affiliate marketing in great depths and explains to your exactly how things happen a certain way and why.
  • Joining the program gives you the opportunity to join the team of IJ affiliate marketers. This means you can begin practicing the skills you have learnt and making your own money even before you start your own affiliate marketing campaign.
  • You can get an access to a Super Affiliate Forum. In this forum, you will be able to interact with successful affiliate marketers and get their secrets to earning four or five figures each day. Interacting with experienced affiliate marketers also gives you the motivation to start off and the will to succeed.
  • The Internet Jetset courses are mostly about free traffic sources and training. Free traffic is more time consuming and energy intensive. To get training on paid traffic methods, which have been seen to achieve better earnings, you are required to make an extra purchase.
  • Some of the videos are somewhat too complex for learners. Since you can’t get Crestani to give you personal guidance unless you purchase the Jetset Live package, it can take you a long time and lots or re-watching the videos to grasp the concepts.
  • There is no personal attention when you purchase the basic IJ program for $47. This can be frustrating if you’re a beginner. Fortunately, there is an IJ forum that you can join to speed up your learning and to get insight from other people in the program.

Buy the Internet Jetset course for only $47 for the basic program that will help jump start your online affiliate marketing career. You can get even more secrets on how to quickly succeed in affiliate marketing by purchasing the Extreme Case Study archive which has details on how specific gurus in the affiliate marketing industry created their fortune. There are already millions of people making a living from affiliate marketing, don’t be left out.