Anniversary Gift Guide

The delicate and sensual appeal of fresh flowers has long been associated with the indescribable feelings of romance. A fragrant fresh floral bouquet contains the same beautiful and powerful essence as love itself. This is why flowers have long been an important component for setting an unforgettable mood at weddings.

Roses have long been the traditional flower to combine the celebration of love with the beauty of fresh flowers. However, many other traditional and untraditional flowers are also excellent communicators of the unique embodiment of your personalized relationship. While each anniversary has a traditional flower association, we suggest following your heart to a flower that best expresses your one of a kind love and commitment.
Fresh flower arrangements and fresh flower bouquets have an appeal that is impossible to match. The gorgeous color, magnificent elegance, and unmatched aura combine to symbolize your love made palpable. Take your time and peruse our selection of anniversary flowers.

A Dozen Premium Red Roses

Exploding with rich, brilliant red and suffused with their unmistakable heavenly fragrance, these roses epitomize romance. A dozen dramatic and sensual long-stemmed red roses will send a clear message that your love burns passionately. We select the finest, freshest red roses in order to create an anniversary bouquet that represents the fire inside your heart. There is no romantic symbol that can match the power of these gorgeous flowers. Show that your love is as timeless as these classic beauties. Whether it is your first anniversary or your fiftieth, celebrate your special bond with our premium dozen red roses bouquet.
A Dozen Premium Red Roses


Pretty Pink Present
Presented with this divine bouquet it is difficult to know whether to give your attention to the sophisticated and charming pink blossoms or the joyful and colorful gift-wrapped box! Fortunately, you do not need to choose. This gift is a cheerful and playful statement of love and affection; it makes a clear statement that your love has stayed fresh and youthful, no matter how old you are. If your love is bursting with a unique and powerful energy then why settle for a staid arrangement? Give a creative gift inside a gift to show your love is as full of excitement and vigor as it has ever been.Pretty Pink Present

Teleflora’s Uniquely Chic Bouquet

The delightfulness of this compelling combination of radiant orange and pink flowers is made modern and sophisticated by its casual arrangement in our clear glass cube vase. This bouquet is fresh and original; it is spontaneous and ebullient. Like your spouse’s eyes, it takes in light and illuminates it into an original beauty. This arrangement is fun and complex. Combining glamorous Asiatic lilies and romantic roses with the playfulness of hot pink flowers, it is an expression of admiration, sensuality, and wonder.
Teleflora’s Uniquely Chic Bouquet
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