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I will admit that one of the exciting things about having a baby is thinking about that first Halloween costume. When I was pregnant, it was hard to resist buying a costume, especially when everything was on clearance after Halloween. I managed to resist because I didn’t know how big W would be by Halloween. Sure, he would be about 11 months old but what if the 12 month size wasn’t quite right and I needed 18 month? Based on his current growth trends, this could definitely be a problem we face when October rolls around! Still, I loved looking at costumes and trying to decide what I want him to be for his very first Halloween! It will be one of his last “first” holidays so I want it to be good!
I got the opportunity to choose a costume to review from Costume Discounters. Costume Discounters is an online costume superstore with costumes for Halloween for every age including costumes for infants and animal costumes. I’m pretty sure that I want W to be some sort of animal (although a pumpkin would be cute too!) for Halloween so I headed straight for that section of costumes to see what was available! After debating for a bit, I finally decided to try the Loveable Lion Infant Toddler Costume! Its retail value is $44.99 but Costume Discounters is offering it for $26.97! I love a good deal!

When I first got the costume, I loved how cute it was and immediate put the head on W! He smiled and was amused for a few minutes before I took it off. I got the costume in size small which is supposed to fit 6 – 12 months. According to the size chart this should fit heights 24.5″ to 29″ and weights 12.5 – 19.5 lbs. W should fit it perfectly as he was 27.5″ and 19.85 lbs at his last appointment. He does have a smaller head at this point and you can see in the photo that there is room to grow in the head part of the costume. I wonder if there will be enough room in 5 months!
The body section of the costume is footed and the feet have paw prints made with skid-resistant material. That’s not a big deal for us at W’s age but could be very helpful for a baby that is up and toddling about around Halloween. Who knows, maybe W will be one of those early walkers! The costume also features snaps along the legs for easy diaper changes which is a must if the baby is going to be wearing the costume for any length of time.
I did have one concern about the costume and that was whether or not it would fit well when W was wearing a cloth diaper. We have issues with some types of clothing not fitting quite right when he’s in cloth. Most cloth diapers are bulkier than disposables, but it’s a sacrifice worth making in the name of cloth. I was pleased to find that it fit just fine with a cloth diaper. For the record, in the photos below, W is wearing an Envibum all-in-one which is one of our diapers that is more trim fitting than some of our others.
The fabric of the costume was pretty soft and W didn’t seem to mind wearing it. The feet were big enough so he didn’t have to scrunch his toes at all! We really don’t put him in anything with feet anymore because the feet aren’t always big enough for him and cause his toes to stay curled up. So I was pleased that the feet in the costume were extremely roomy.

I thought the costume might be bigger than it was and might last W a little while but it fit him pretty well. Of course, he is a big guy at over 20 pounds and over 28 inches long by now! Still, it fit well and would be a comfortable costume for him when Halloween rolls around. The price was affordable as well, so I would definitely consider Costume Discounters in a few months when I’m looking for W’s costume for his first Halloween! I definitely recommend Costume Discounters if you’re looking for a wide variety of affordable costumes!

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