AHAVA are a unique natural brand that draws on elements from the Dead Sea to create their beloved range of body care and skincare products. An important location both spiritually and historically, the Dead Sea is also known for the miraculous benefits found in its salts, mud, water and more. Dead Sea extracts enrich each product in the AHAVA range, nourishing and beautifying the skin like no other.
Since their origin in the 1980s, AHAVA have developed a reputation as one of the world’s most adored and effective natural skincare brands. In addition to Dead Sea minerals and extracts, AHAVA products make use of key botanicals that boast antioxidant benefits. Despite claims that natural brands can’t deliver the same results as harsh, chemical-laden formulas, the opposite is often true. AHAVA cites a results-first approach as the driving factor behind all of their products, and this has only been further proven through sparkling reviews from many a happy customer.
AHAVA have created a wide array of formulas suited to each and every skin type, from dry or mature through to acne-prone, oily and more. In addition to this, the brand offers luxurious body products including bath salts, lotions, scrubs and more. An incredibly popular product from AHAVA that has been met with rave reviews is the AHAVA Essential Day Moisturiser. This ultra-hydrating formula has been tweaked to create a product for various skin types, including dry and combination. With a lightweight texture that absorbs beautifully into the skin, this should be your new go-to when looking to replenish and revitalise your complexion.
AHAVA body products are ideal for those pampering days, when all you want to do is give yourself a little treat. Sink into a beautiful, warm bath enriched with the AHAVA Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts, and let the benefits of this wondrous region wash over you. Your skin will feel renewed after just a short soak! Give hands and feet some much-needed TLC with the AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream and Mineral Foot Cream, both of which draw on Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera in addition to key ingredients from the Dead Sea. Skin will feel soft, smooth and callus-free with no greasy or oily residues left behind, letting you go about your day as planned.
In addition to a huge range of skin and body products, AHAVA also boast a range exclusively for men, which includes an age-control moisturiser, an invigorating shower gel and more. Give your man the gift of soft, smooth skin, or if you’re a guy shopping for yourself, pick up some hits from AHAVA to add into your daily routine.
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