When I introduced posts as part of a denim guide last week, I had so many ideas of what kinds of posts I wanted to do. I think I could post solely on denim for at least three weeks, but that would be a bit out of control! Besides showing you some of my favorite ways to wear jeans, I wanted to showcase some of my favorite denim brands. There are quite a few brands I want to share, but I had to start with 7 For All Mankind. My first pair of designer jeans was from them and so was my boyfriend’s (I have a bad influence sometimes). I could go on and on about 7 FAM jeans, but I want to keep these spotlights pretty straightforward and simple. So here is my 7 For All Mankind Fit + Review post…

7 for all Mankind Fit Review7 FOR ALL MANKIND FIT + REVIEW


7FAM jeans come in a wide variety of cuts and washes. They might not have exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s a great place to start. The website also has a fit guide to help you figure out what cut works for you. (see more below)


Most of their jeans cost between $160 and $225. They do have much more exciting pairs of denim that sell for much more, but we’ll just deal with the basics. The price tag is high for me, so I really only buy them on sale. First, there are at least two Friends & Family 7 for all Mankind sale dates to keep in mind – October and in the spring. The sale gives you 30% off anything in the store. Second, a lot of major retailers like Nordstrom, Shopbop, and Macy’s sell 7FAM. I either buy them from random sale racks or score a discount when they have storewide sales. My best advice is to sign up for the newsletters for 7FAM and your favorite retailers. Then you won’t miss out.


Long before I bought my first pair of “7s,” I tried on a pair that felt so thin, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would buy them. A few years later I tried on another pair that were perfectly amazing. I bought them, wore them through, and bought the exact same pair again. So, be aware that their different styles really vary, you have to find what works for you. One thing to help you keep them straight is the pocket guide (above). In my experience the 7 and A pockets (bottom row) tend to be thinner and less form-fitting. The plain and signature pockets (top row), however, are sturdier and have a snugger fit (which I prefer).
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